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A variety of items are available for you to purchase directly from the Riney Jordan Company.  Each of these items is designed to encourage you as a parent or teacher... and to do the same for your children or students.  Take a moment to browse these exciting items, then select your favorites. These items are not available from any other source, so order today using your Visa or MasterCard.  We use only PayPal services, as we have found them to be the most secure.  For those who wish to order with check or money order, we suggest printing out the order form, completing it, and mailing it to 387 CR 220, Hamilton, Texas 76531. Approved purchase orders are also accepted.

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The perfect gift for the classroom teacher at the end of a grueling year!  Order several sets at this price for all your kids' teachers!


A daily dose of Riney Jordan...

  "Stories from the Front Porch"

NEW!  Three new CD's filled with heartwarming and touching stories written and read by Riney Jordan.  Some will make you laugh.  Some will make you cry.  But all of them will make you think.  We recommend using each track as a daily dose to keep you inspired and motivated.  Each CD approximately 80 minutes.  $10 each.

All three volumes for $25.

VOL. I:  (7 tracks) Includes "I'm here to HELP," "What I learned about Leadership from Great Leaders," "Essential Qualities of a Role Model" (Courage, Integrity, Compassion, Encouragement & Wisdom)  $10

VOL II (13 tracks) Includes "Train up a child in the way he should go," "What a difference a word makes," "My Declaration of Independence," "The Best Investment: Time with a Child," "A few words about chickens, squash, tomatoes & a great grandson," "Nuggets of Wisdom I've Gathered from the Chicken Pen," "When was the last time?," "If you gotta have a graduation ceremony, at least make it memorable," "The Haves & Have-nots," "Oh, the Sound of Children," "Thoughts on aging, children, birds, family, plants & animals," "Looking ahead is good...but looking back is better," and "The Best Chocolate Cake I Ever Ate." $10

VOL III (14 tracks)  Includes "Silent thoughts of a teacher on the first day of school," "This year, it's gonna be different!," "Revealed! The single most important quality of successful teaching," "The Stories of Riley & Luke," "If not now, when?," "Yes, Virginia, there is an Uncle Sam," "It may take a while, but never give up!," "A Thank-you I'll Never Forget," "No heroes? Give me a break!," "Making it a better world, in three simple steps," "Homework that can really make a difference," "Whatever happened to Wanda Lou?," "Kids, Chaos, & Canned Goods:  A Christmas Memory," and "Before you leave students, I have one more thing to say." $10

Our best selling books...

"All the Difference"                  

NOTE:  "All the Difference" now has a new cover ... but there are no other changes from the earlier editions.

Already in its ninth printing, "All the Difference" is a book of real life experiences -- some amusing, some touching -- but all are thought provoking.  This book should be read by anyone who works with children.  You'll laugh at the remarks of students.  You'll weep at the cruelty that is so often dealt to children.  You'll enjoy these touching and often humorous stories from the author's childhood, through his years as a father, a husband, a teacher, a school administrator, as school public relations practitioner, and now a nationally sought-after speaker and author.  A perfect gift for any educator or teacher on your list. 

Personalized, autographed copies are available upon request at no additional charge.  245 pages. 

Softcover Edition



NEW!  "The Second Book"

   You asked for it!  And here it is!  More great stories!  More humor!  More insight into the complex world of teaching!

  "The Second Book" is indeed, just that!  The second book from one of America's most respected speakers, authors, columnists, and humorist.  Filled with 197 pages of pure joy, you will not stop reading once you start!

The thirty chapters include such enticing titles as "Teaching a Child to Say His Name," "Disruptive Child?  Who Ya Gonna Call?"  "And Then the Coach Had an Idea," "God Bless Our Border Kids," and "If I Could Start My Own School."

This book is a perfect choice for a school-wide book study, as it covers multiple issues which deal with our schools today. 

Personalized, autographed copies of this book are available.  Simply indicate it on the order.

Softcover FIRST Edition



A daily reminder for students...

The Today Pledge Poster

Riney Jordan's personal pledge is being used by classrooms all across the country.  Used as part of the morning's activities, it promises to reinforce in your youngsters the important values of work ethic, consideration of others, and self-improvement. It has been reproduced from the original art work in a beautiful four-color poster that will be a welcomed addition to any classroom or child's room.  Measuring 16" x 20", this work was designed and illustrated by renown Texas artist Tony Eubanks and has been carefully reproduced to capture the beauty of the original art. 

You will not be disappointed in this poster, printed on card stock reserved for fine art.

Autographed copies are available upon request at no additional cost.


An affordable gift for every school employee...

Poem Bookmarks

Five of Riney Jordan's most requested poems are now available in professional quality, four-color bookmarks.  The poems, often used in his motivational talks, are printed on high-quality, durable card stock, adorned with a colorful silk tassel.  Each of these is sure to become a treasured gift for the recipient.

#1.  "The Gift of Care"  -- Here is a poem specifically written for anyone who works with children.  This touching poem emphasizes that those who love children have been given a special gift:  the gift of care.  Ideal as a gift for teachers, Sunday School instructors, day care workers, etc.

$2 each

#2.  "It's Worth It" -- This poem was written to encourage those who work with children, reminding them that their jobs are worth the effort and the energy it requires to meet children's needs.  A perfect sentiment for every school employee.

$2 each

#3 "We Serve More than Food" -- Written specifically for school food service workers, this poem spotlights these often forgotten employees who have an opportunity to serve more than food... they can serve as role models and examples for children.

$2 each

#4 "The Treasure Carrier" -- Looking for the perfect item to share with your favorite school bus driver?  You will be touched by this poem which shares one driver's sentiments about the "treasures" he carries.  Each is a 'treasure,' uniquely different, but worth far more than any jewel on earth.

$2 each

#5. "The School Secretary" -- Finally, a fitting tribute to one of the most valuable and important individuals on any school campus.  This beautifully illustrated bookmark is the perfect sentiment to those individuals who represent the school on the "front lines."

$2 each